Earlier in our previous blogs, we shared a basic understanding of how critical color decisions can be interpreted in your business. Making these decisions is difficult because of every individual filter colors with their own conscious and subconscious associations. Understanding these associations is essential to make smart color decisions.

We can begin with this statement: Black is not a color, but the absorption of all colors”.

The Black color is very known for its reflectance of a lot of emotions. It can symbolize power, boldness, sophistication, authority, and elegance. Seen from the visual part, black is a heavy color. Therefore, it conveys strong messages. The most common association of black are power and authority. That’s the main reason why so many big brands, which want to have a more sophisticated image, use black to deliver their dominance in their niche markets.

Have you ever noticed that judges, lawyers and members of the clergy wear black robes? There is a reason behind this. The common thing is that they all hold power and authority. That is reflected in their black garments that these powerful people wear when performing their duty. 

The brands that want to be seen boldly and strongly use black in their marketing visuals. Most of the high-end fashion companies have black in their logotype. Their purpose is to be seen as sophisticated and since this color usually devoid of many emotions they use it to show superiority in their target market.

The other common meaning of black is elegance. Graphic designers use black to give a design some elegant touch and style. If your company wants to project elegance as its core value, use black. With elegance also comes sophistication. In graphic design products, most brands use black to convey their high-end features and sophistication. Many web designs are entirely in black to instantly convey that the brand is costly, precious, and is not a common one like others. Many of the designers think it is the best fit to use black whenever they need to link a brand to power. Famous brands that utilize black in their logos and marketing are Blackberry, Tiffany & Co., Apple, Disney, Nike, Gillette, Adidas, Sony, Ralph Lauren, and MTV. Besides being sleek, black is versatile and can be combined with any other color.

Graphic design should be simple so that people can get the message clearly and instantly. For example, if you see a business card design that is simple, it will make a first good impression on the recipient of the card. This shows that black is a simple color and when used in a design, it eliminates the need for other colors, which makes the design itself much more simple. 

Black carries both tradition and modernity with equal grace. Modern designs are sleek and stylish. With the use of black, we can express the elegance with the help of clean lines and simplicity of the design.

Black is surely a powerful color, but it should be used in designs carefully. One of the main reasons for this is that black is an overpowering color. This means that it dominates the rest of the elements in graphic design. Therefore, when using this color, justice should be done to the other design elements as well.

While many people think that black is boring and depressing, we cannot agree: black is eternal! From our point of view, black is a very reserved color that completely lacks any light as its absence of all the colors. This color likes to stay hidden in control and separated from others. For this reason, black is a great color, but use it with precision.

Please feel free to write your points of view in the section below. 

Till the next time, squareONE.