Every business owner is looking for the best possible way of creating a brand identity for his company. The reason lies in the power of creating instant recognition among consumers.
Yes, it is a challenge to measure the true importance of a logo and its impact on business.
For big brands that are competing with each other on national and global markets, the choice of logotype has always been important. And if you think of the red bull, the bluebird or the yellow arches, you will immediately know which brand it is.
Over time, consumers begin to see such brands as social entities with a history, character, and value system.
In the end, consumers see the purchase of products as a reflection of what they are.

Buying a product over another is often the result of the trust that connects the consumer with the brand they want. But the question here is, why is logotype choice important and what role does it play in enabling this connection?

You may think that logotype development is a modern practice of companies, but on the contrary, visual signs come from the history of human interaction with images. Back in ancient Mesopotamian civilizations, pictograms were used as a means of expressing ideas and recognizing the goods of agriculture that were important to life.

The importance of images is seen precisely in their power to be remembered in the memory of a human and his emotional receptors. They encourage repeatedly to invoke specific emotions, activities, or experiences.
Thus, when people recognize what the symbol means, they easily understand the message it is supposed to convey. Hence, choosing the logotype is important, as it will always support visual communication. The logo does not have to be a literal image of your brand, but it should capture the essence of the company. Good design can carry the spirit and character of your business model, encouraging consumers to learn more about you.

The brand face is exactly the logo, and therefore it is a key indicator of the professionalism and consistency of the company. It is a tool for positioning the business in the consumer world, which is increasingly saturated with visual symbols. However, it should be borne in mind that many market leaders do not have easily recognizable logos or visual identities. Their success lies in consumer confidence, which in many cases is just as important as the logo itself. Therefore, our suggestion is always to focus on both strategies at the same time, that is, build trust by offering a good service, and enrich it by choosing a distinctive logo that will remind consumers who you are and what your values ​​are. In this way, the power of the logo will enhance the brand values ​​and its advantage.

If you already have a business model in place, you may be wondering whether it is important to reinforce an existing logo. In other words, is your visual identity crucial when you already have a strong customer relationship?
Rebranding is certainly a big challenge, so remember that frequent repetition of visual symbols is a touch for new audiences, as it is a simple process of learning and memorizing information.

Creating a logo is not mandatory and you may not lose existing customers, but there is a high chance you will miss the moments when you were able to catch the attention of a new customer.
The question we would like to ask is whether you would like your business face to be an empty square?
From our point of view don’t hesitate, fill your square and be different!

Please feel free to write your points of view in the section below.

Till the next time, squareONE.