In today’s world, we are surrounded by thousands of products and images that are trying to attract our attention and grab every move that we make. Do you react differently when you look at a billboard that is yellow instead of blue?

Deep in our subconscious, the colors in the design alter the perception of the things we see and the choice of the true color palette takes a huge part of our everyday life, not only from an artistic point of view.

I guess you often heard that warm colors are synonymous with energy, while cold shades symbolize calm, right? This fact is not fully true because it is very important to make a research before we create a preferable color scheme that we want to use.

Ask yourself: What is our target audience? This answer will affect our choice because the concepts and meanings of colors vary in different cultures.
Thus, the mysticism and sadness that brings the black color in Western culture, it is erased by the revival and birth marked with it in the eastern countries.

All colors have the extraordinary ability to evoke specific emotions for each individual and to attract the attention of the human eye in their sweet way.

But in spite of that, there are basic rules in color theory that will help us to reasonably balance all aspects to get the desired result when creating our range.

In the range of warm colors, red, orange and yellow, as well as all their tones, emerge. These are the colors of the fire and the sunrise and are filled with positive energy and passion. Using these colors in our designs will always cause a feeling of happiness, enthusiasm, and energy.

Throughout history, red color has been a subject of controversial thinking. In the past, it was associated with fire and wars, but today, this color is a sign of love and passion. Its greatest feature is the power of radiation along with the high wavelength interval that makes it the most dominant and “most powerful” color of the entire spectrum. For example, in a moment, your pulse accelerates when you witness an event that has a red carpet and great euphoria.

When you see the strong sun or the golden arches of McDonald’s, or even more when you experience the songs of Coldplay and the verse in one of them that says “look at the stars,” you imagine the yellow color. It is a kind of “star” in the spectrum and is the brightest visible color. Connected to happiness, the sun and hope in our designs will always be noted by optimism and freshness.

Night, water and nature are the elements that associate the cool colors, among which are green, blue and purple.
Blue is the only primary color in this pallet, and all others are created by combining the same and a shade from the range of warm colors.
The nuances of this color tell their story and all have their symbolism. In the design, the exact shade of blue we choose will have a huge impact on how our designs are perceived.
We start from its brightest, that shows calm, to the deep dark blue that is great for designs where strength and reliability are crucial.
The growth and new beginnings, the redundancy and the abundance are all responsibility of the color green. This color has very similar calming attributes as blue but also includes a fraction of the energy of the yellow color. In the design, green will always have the effect of balance and harmony.
Using these colors in our designs will always symbolize the corporate spirit and are powerful enough to create a sense of calm and professionalism.

Finally, do not exclude the influence of the so-called neutral colors. In design, due to its neutrality, black is most commonly used for typography and other functional elements. It is always easier to convey the feeling of sophistication and mystery, so do not be afraid to play with its power and elegance.
The meaning of color in design can not be descriptive, since it is one of the pillars upon which the theory of visual art is built, along with the form and space. Hence, accept the power of the color maps, but do not forget: colors are a non-verbal tool for communicating with our customers!

Please feel free to write your points of view in the section below.
Till the next time, squareONE.