24 TV Idents

Skopje, Macedonia

24 Television is a collage television-based channel with a program for a broader variety of target audiences. Taking into account the different categories of viewers, this design aims to merge the modern world of moving picture design with elegance and sophistication.

We found the main inspiration in the symmetric geometric shapes that contribute to the creation of a pure, simple and at the same time modern design.

The overall look is built upon ribbons (rectangular shapes) as carriers of the visual message. In the range of selected colors, there are shades of red, blue and yellow, three accents, while in the whole design the neutral gray tone with silver shades is used as a base. The elements of the glass placed in the top coating, which float above all the main graphic elements are also noticeable.

The whole design refers to a whole that is clearly defined by blending the forms into all different audio-visual sequences. It is this uniqueness that functions as a means of facilitating the creation of a recognizable television brand and its protection.

Elections 2017 Ident – Video Preview of the project

Autumn Idents – Video Preview of the Project

24 TV

Animation, Motion Design, Motion Graphics