90 seconds Intro

Skopje, Macedonia

For the popular series of the Macedonian YouTube creator Stefan Rashkovikj also known as “Steffonator” we created an intro for his weekly content called “90 seconds – vol. 2”.
This is the second season of the project that due its popularity is now also broadcasted on national television.

The series promote a ninety seconds short interview with popular stars of the region, such as actors, singers, tv hosts and others.
The theme of these series is a fun and quirkily way of showing the public figure personal life.

The intro starts with a representation of a clock, that evolves into the logotype of the series.
The whole animation is in fast pace which symbolize the adrenaline and the possibility to answer as many questions as the time allows.

We used the red color as an element that endorse the whole concept of fast and dynamic rhythm.


Animation, Motion Design, Motion Graphics