Ohrid, Macedonia

Meet our new project for the Independent Amateur Theatrical Group Amateur – Theatre movement. With the main mission for affirmation of the awareness of the cultural and art scene in the City of Ohrid, Macedonia, this group of young enthusiasts have one goal-raising awareness and encouraging young people to pursue art.

Our goal was to redesign the visual identity of the company’s appearance. The idea behind the concept is to quickly grab viewers’ attention and communicate a company’s core values interestingly and uniquely.

The main elements are simple lines, that represent the audience’s emotions. This means that lines characterize the audience’s face expression when watching a theatre performance. The story behind the lines expresses the movement in a way of creating the most used symbol of every theatre in the world, the theatre masks.

If we analyze the main shape of the logo, the yellow square behind, you can notice the most important thing of every actor – the theater scene (shown by the shape of the cube symbol) and the power of yellow color, which indicates the theatre lights.

Amater Theatre

Graphic Design,
Logo Design