Brand Identity

Struga, Macedonia

They say as long as your food is great, nothing else matters, right? Wrong. Branding can do so much more for your business, allowing you to share your story and company values.

Consistency is key when it comes to our new client. Our mission was to create apartments and a lounge bar branding that builds brand awareness and showcases visuals that will establish trust and loyalty among the guests. The typeface that we’ve chose created a clean, simple and relaxed look that helped to portray the brand image of a modern dining experience. The green aesthetics in most of the branding elements came from the natural idyll of the business location, in the southwestern part of the country in the town of Struga. We’ve subtly included the design details inspired by the waves, to hit the lake environment and use nature as the main influence.

For the lounge station parts, we decided to develop a design inspired by the circular shapes. The goal was to create a modern and sophisticated design that would add more fun and creativity to the dining space. The power of the shapes helped us to represent connection and identity as a primary goal of the company spirit.

BOGRAD Apartments & Lounge Station

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