b watch 1920 Brand Campaigns

Skopje, Macedonia

Creating and implementing multiple brand campaigns for the b watch 1920 was to confirm the brand identity and make a stronger connection language with the customers. The work combined campaigns that included visuals for various mediums such as Social Media platforms, web promotion, and TV Spots.

The main shape brought about in different approaches in all of the designs is the circle which is the origin of the logotype of the company.

The main goal was to promote the company value through different ways of presenting the products. The challenge was to join all the company’s products and create a unified look and feel of the image of the brand. To create memorable designs, we used different visual arts, typography, images, and layout techniques.

Maximizing the brand awareness campaigns was executed with visuals that will bring the attention in an increasingly demanding business environment and communicate the message to the target audience effectively.

b watch 1920

Animation, Motion Design, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design