Skopje, Macedonia

CEKIC Filigran is a company that dedicates its creations to the art of filigree. Our mission was to create the brand identity which will communicate the spirit of tradition behind every piece of twisted wire.

We started from the idea to split the two visual elements (color and form) and connect them to the original tradition. The color that is inspired by the silver and the form translated from the emotion and the love as two pillars of the family business, where the story is derived from. This was the starting point where the main element of the logotype formed, the signature of the main founder of the brand. This symbol is precisely carved to carry the original handwritten stamp of the author and also hint the filigree twists and twirls. The ending points of the signature lines have a visual story that tells the start of the folding lines into a unique, elegant captivating piece of art.

CEKIC Filigran

Branding, Graphic Design,
Logo Design