CROATIA Osiguruvanje/zivot Corporate Event Print Design

Skopje, Macedonia

Print media is always the point where it all began because professionally designed print immediately gives a positive impression and brand recognition.

Our design team created an event invitation design filled with a solid message that communicates a modern and innovative company. We believe that often you only get one chance to impress your customers’ portfolio and this project for sure has lasting positive contact points and branding image.

We also created paper bags design and managed to join corporate and modern style into eye-catching visuals. We added innovation to the appearance of this corporate brand and engaged company awareness with elements that can promote and communicate the credibility of one of the biggest insurance companies in Macedonia.

We truly continue to believe that packaging and branding are very important gearing examples of the use of a variety of graphic designs that have a big role in the modern competitive business environment.

CROATIA Osiguruvanje/zivot

Graphic Design