Ohrid, North Macedonia

Culture has the power to transform entire societies, strengthen local communities, and produce a sense of identity and belonging for people of all ages.

The month of August 2020, will remain strongly marked as the month of Youth, thanks to Cultural Initiative “5 before 12” and the exceptional team behind this project.

Our mission was to create a strong visual support system, that will promote and endorse a series of influential cultural events marked by a unique symbol and icon. As a main visual identity, we were inspired by the traditional Ohrid bagel, that created a modern and powerful round shape interpreted through the contrast of the bold color choices. The main idea was to achieve a motion effect in a static world, so each of the elements has continuous lines extending the outlines of the main object and representing a wave of motion. The events were divided into multiple categories that had a symbol used as the main design through all the creative posters.

For the main events, the ID was the amphitheater, a timeless symbol representing the gathering place for many people throughout history.

We created a bright and vibrant color palette that speaks the visual language of this year’s events, each color flowing with another forming a colorful gradient.

This project creates a giant step towards the mission of developing sustainable creative economies, where cultural initiatives are an indispensable driver and enabler of sustainable development.

Cultural Initiative “5 before 12”

Graphic Design