Brand Identity

Skopje, Macedonia

Inspired by nature, and the magical ingredient of Goji berry fruit, our mission was to create the overall brand identity of the new cosmetic brand, ELOY Cosmetics. The logotype uses minimal typography and color that aims to emphasize the sophistication and luxury of the brand. We choose a dark muted green color as the main backdrop and feel of the company spirit. This choice portrays the all-natural concept of the products since their primary goal is to be a completely organic composition.

The product line includes two creams for day and night use. Both products communicate a unified design, with a different stamp color on the top and bottom of the packaging. In this way, with less color use, we maintained the harmony of the overall minimal aesthetic of the brand. On the sides of the package box, we designed a beautiful artwork showing branches of goji berry. This print has a slight emboss, which evokes a unique feel when touching the packaging, while seamlessly flowing with the rest of the white color aesthetic.

The organic ingredients of the product were the main impulse for implementing a socially responsible design. Our goal was to leverage the benefits of creating the tactile design, which strives to make the packaging accessible for everyone.

ELOY Cosmetics

Graphic Design, Logo Design, Branding, Packaging Design