15 Years FON University Animation

Skopje, Macedonia

For the anniversary of FON University, we created a brand animation and hologram screen to affirm the university history and implication in the education system in the society of Macedonia. We went back to the very beginning when the university was established and through storytelling, we were able to emerge all of the main events and timeline points of this institution.

The main TV Spot represents a story for the growth and stability that this university managed to build. Throughout all the marks from the beginning to the present and the future. The motto of this anniversary was “Future Is Now”, so we wanted to bring the modern, up-to-date design of animation, but also keep the brands’ stability and recognition.

We also created a hologram animation that was shown at the main event of the anniversary. This project had a goal to appeal to people’s eyes and through the dimension of space feel the message of celebration.

Video Preview of the project

FON University

Animation, Motion Design, Motion Graphics