Stip, Macedonia

At the height of the 25th anniversary, IRIS Television has done its biggest rebranding so far. It has been our privilege and pleasure to be part of this process and to give our input in building something memorable.

The main inspiration for the design and motifs that are attracted to all audio-visual works is the jellyfish. It is a symbol of trust that is directly linked to the history of this television, which through its 25 years of existence on the Macedonian air has managed to build its program, especially as a newsletter in the eastern region for all the latest news and events.

As a motif, the jellyfish also symbolizes organization, power, but also new challenges that directly reflect the current image of this television channel facing the new mission to create a different story – meaning contemporary TV Channel with a plan for complete modernization and standing side by side with the national channels.

We used a dark blue color to represent the modern wave of sophistication and elegance since this color was part of the tv channel spirit since the very beginning.

This design created a completely new look for the daily news program “Iris NEWS”, graphics used for trailers of the program, new logotype as well as corporate Idents that complement the whole package.

Video Preview of the project


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