Brand Awareness Campaign

Skopje, Macedonia

Katlanovska Banja is one of the oldest places in Macedonia with natural thermo-mineral water, considered one of the most healing waters in Europe.

Throughout the ages, the miraculous water from Katlanovo village has cherished the health and beauty of the Roman patricians, Byzantine emperors, and Turkish pashas. Relying upon tradition our goal was to create a Brand Awareness campaign for the new Katlanovo Health resort – a modern spa and wellness center.

We used a bright and calming color palette to emphasize nature and peace. The content was promoted through two main symbols that distinguished the spa and the medical center, a flower and a drop.

Our challenge was to extract the traditional elements and combine them with the modern services and treatments that this medical center offers.

It was a pleasure making content that promotes the Macedonian tradition and natural treasures.

Katlanovska Spa

Graphic Design, Motion Design, Motion Graphics