Mindapt Branding

Malmö, Sweden

Can we adapt our minds? Seems more important than ever, right? We are warmly introducing you to Mindapt!

As part of the Swedish-based company Sustainable Mind, this conceptual tool offers a unique cognitive foundation that gives thousands of leaders the most relevant findings from cognitive science and allows them to digest, grow and take action in today’s increasingly complex environment.

The idea of finding the code to a more sustainable behavior allowed us to set our creative forces towards calm, neutral, and minimal visual expression. The simplistic approach of using typography as an essence of the branding helped our goal to merge the letters in a unique, integrated, but still mystical way. We knew that with the cohesion of emotional connections, each of the letters provides an overall visual balance.

The mysterious key influenced by the lowercase letter M was the main fundament in the creative drive. With this symbol, our goal was to represent the metaphorical secret behind the company e-learning mind tools. The second symbol is the typographical shape of the lowercase letter A. This letter symbolizes the process of cognitive adaptation. This underlying connection uncovered the deeply rooted hidden meaning: human facial expression as a symbol of personality and individual output. 

This project is proof of our belief in what a unique approach towards a design can create. We still believe that there is a place for businesses to communicate an ideology and stand for something. And yes, the visual design will always have a role in helping them do that. 

Sustainable Miind

Graphic Design,