Social Media Campaign

Malmö, Sweden

Attracting a steady stream of new customers is one thing, but building customer loyalty is integral to a brand’s long-term success. And it begins with making a good first impression.

It’s quite clear that for success in the digital era, social media marketing is the way to go. Instagram is all about visual aesthetic and should be a brand image mood board of your company values. This means getting your followers to pause on and engage with your photos.

We often say: Don’t preach, tell a story instead!

Working with Per Erik Persson, Personal Business Coach and public speaker, our goal was to keep the audience engaged. We used a lot of interactive content in our strategy and our primary goal was to captivate the audience with moments behind regular business activities. We all love getting a glimpse into someone else’s day, especially if it’s someone we respect or admire, right?

To increase engagement rates our strategy included content that shared ‘micro-stories’ that allowed the audience to use the content to personalize their experience and develop deeper, more meaningful relationships.

The main visibility of the content is represented by the primary color that we used -orange! As a representative of the brand spirit this color helped us to reflect the brand identity and overall visibility of the company’s values.

Per-Erik Persson

Graphic Design