Print Design

Malmö, Sweden

Welcome to the world of heroes! This project is all about a unique experience in the gaming industry. The purpose of this project was to create a program workbook and materials used in the coaching sessions of our client. This project included three different types of design, the workbook and a set of letters, accompanied by a seed paper cards.

The workbook was designed with elements from the branding of the company that is intended for and combined graphics and charts in a fun and enjoyable style.

To create a story from the very beginning of taking, opening and reading the letter, we decided to start the story with the letter itself. Given the title that is Sustainable Mind, the letter is intended to be opened from an overlap that will symbolize open mind perspectives and horizons.

The seedling paper will speak the main message which is: to think sustainable we need to shift from a perspective of “take-use-waste” to “borrow-use-replenish” mind-set. We need to understand that we can only borrow resources from nature, use them as goods and then return them, without being harmful.

Per-Erik Persson

Graphic Design