Remote Leadership Handbook

Malmö, Sweden

Strategic and thoughtful design is essential when it comes to connecting the gap between the online and offline worlds. This handbook is proof of that. We had a clear goal: attract attention, improve understanding, and create a context that matters. 

Creating it during the world’s toughest challenge, this handbook illustrates the role of remote leadership and points to the importance of team balance through the voice of Per Erik Persson.

Every page of this incredibly powerful handbook led us to a journey of bright illustrations, catchy headlines, and captivating layouts.

Creating a story inspired by telephone cable as a symbol of the traditional way of communication, this handbook leads the reader through an exciting knowledgeable world, depicting an entirely different story of the value of remote leadership.

Presented under the name of Next Level Heroes, this handbook highlights another great project for one of the most reputable companies, Hero Gaming.

Per-Erik Persson

Graphic Design