Project Hub Impact 2020 Event Branding

Skopje, Macedonia

The pleasure of being part of the biggest student event for the second year in a row is irreplaceable. This project has a special place in our portfolio thanks to the opportunity to be part of it from the very beginning.

This year, also, the event was in pace with the development of technology and innovation. The branding kept the spirit of fun studying and the power of teamwork that we showed by creating the set of illustrations as an integral part of the digital and offline campaign.

The use of illustrations as the main elements in the branding of the event managed to convey the message of the role of teamwork, effective communication, and the opportunity for enjoyable studies that students have.

We are honored to be part and witness the numerous innovations products of this year’s event and we are proud that we can be a supportive side for the youth who are certainly the biggest force in the society.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Skopje

Graphic Design, Motion Design