Event Branding

Skopje, Macedonia

Event branding is more than just a collection of elements that make up the image of the event and covers all aspects of event management.

Our formula was to show all parts of the student experience and merge it with the new trends of social media and fun learning.

We started with developing the main tagline (Create, reveal & contribute) and the visual symbol of the event, which was the bird, that represents wisdom and intelligence, while at the same time signifies the free spirit of the young individual to create something new.

The overall design of the logo is minimal and has a geometric shaped form that symbolizes the process of production and technology.

This event aims to bring together participants from the corporate and academic environment and shows the competencies of the students’ work.

With more than 50 participating students, 10 projects included and over 200 visitors this event was a memorable experience.

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Skopje

Animation, Motion Design, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design