Social Media Campaigns

Skopje, Macedonia

Animation plays a crucial role in communication. It is incredibly versatile and can communicate abstract, complex and multidisciplinary concepts effectively.

Rapsody Travel & Events is one of the biggest leaders in the organization of youth trips, recognizable in more than 15 European Countries.

Using the one by one frame animation we created GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) that contain and illustrate the travel offers of the agency and their latest benefits for all trip lovers.

For this project, our team predominantly uses GIFs as an alternative way for social media users to articulate or convey their reactions to posts or messages they see or receive.  The necessary context to the post and tell a complete story and make the readers relate to the given content on a much deeper level.  While creating them we were able to engage the users with more lively, inspired and user-friendly content that promotes and conveys the message of the company.

Rapsody Travel & Events

Animation, Graphic Design