RealityCheck Platform

Malmö, Sweden

Welcome to RealityCheck! The latitude of customized, quantitative, and qualitative assessment of your environment. RealityCheck is a web-based application and a questionnaire platform enabling evaluation forms and generating data and reports. It includes modules and features for an easy and efficient way of working with follow up events and training evaluations. It allows tracking of the current feedback status through enhanced graphical analysis provided by a custom reporting engine.

This platform is built with the .NET Core ecosystem and the usage of MSSQL server, and it provides a flexible ground for you, your team, and your organization. Following the best industry standards, the client environment is a single page application powered by the functionalities and the efficiency of the “Angular” framework. The utilization of the Angular Material with a combination of the custom minimal designs makes the perfect and intuitive user experience. 

We used a neutral corporate color palette, with hints of bold color and motives. The user experience is wrapped with a generated graphical report with custom data for every user used in further analysis and process understanding.

Conceptual Tools

Graphic Design, Software Development, 
WEB Development, Software Design