Menu Teaser

Skopje, Macedonia

In the campaign for promotion of the website for young people created by SPARKASSE Banka Makedonija, we were responsible for bringing the main teaser animation that would anticipate the corporate eyes for the new platform.

Big, bold and bright is how we will remember this teaser. Typography takes the lead and can transport your mind to specific associations, even subconsciously. The big letters symbolize the courage and the brave young minds to join the mission to create a platform for sharing the urban lifestyle, trends and change.

We were stepping up the game by using bigger, bolder colors, as we say: the bolder the bigger. The dashing duo-tones with bold colors and beautiful application possibilities indicate the fresh energy of the young people force and voice.

When it comes to the implementation of the fast-paced animations, we prove that they become a trend of their own and it’s easy to see why—they’re slick, clever and extremely appealing.

Video Preview of the project

SPARKASSE Banka Makedonija

Animation, Motion Design, Motion Graphic