Social Media Campaign

Skopje, Macedonia

With 65% of people being visual learners and 90% of the information transmitted to our brains being visual, motion graphics are a sure-fire way of connecting with your audience.

Say HI to our new project, the fruit of joy, care, health, and education!

The main goal of this healthcare marketing project was to market company services to increase awareness of their patients. The use of visual effects as a main tool in the advertising strategy has allowed this company to promote the presentation of its new service on the market-baby massage.

From improving the details and aesthetics that promoted a more beautiful picture, to enhancing the dramatic moments and increasing the mass effect of the visualization, promotional animations help us to circulate the idea and benefit in a short, simple and compelling way.

The science behind color processing was inspired by tenderness and love that characterizes the babies and the power of the relationship between parent-child.

Emphasizing the benefits of this new medical service on Macedonian Market via our creative solutions will remain a symbol of joy and memorable experience!

Pinokio Pediatric Center

Animation, Motion Design, Motion Graphics, Graphic Design, Logo Design