Social Media Campaigns

Skopje, Macedonia

Paolo Sabor is an architecture company focused on the development and innovation of the built environment, architecture, urbanism, and consulting services. Over the years, the company has expanded into a broad spectrum of work. The spectrum of project types ranges from small and large single and multi-family objects to small scale commercial and large industrial objects.

Our mission was to create multiple digital campaigns that will promote and establish the brand values and the company’s image.

Achieving ambitious goals is a combined effort of networking, business strategy, persistence, hard work, and dedication to excellence. Social media tools allow us to tap into the mind of the clients and speed up this trust-building process by creating and developing custom made marketing strategy as a core foundation for our digital presence.

We have worked on several campaigns starting from a brand awareness campaign, meet the team campaign called #paolosaborcircle and others.

We chose grey as an accent color because of her simple connection with the pencil’s graphite. This combination of white and grey symbolizes the architectural drawings and industry of the company. We used simple layouts, with circle elements that emphasize the core values through visual images.

It’s important to recognize that relevant and engaging content feeds the channels, so with proper planning and infrastructure the social garden can grow and be leveraged to meet the client’s expectations.

Paolo Sabor

Graphic Design, 
Motion Graphics