Skopje, Macedonia

The working list of shared values and behaviors is part of every company culture. The work rules cover various aspects of working together including how business decisions are made and accountability assigned, to how employees conduct themselves and work/life balance. And this is something then every one of us is already familiar to.

But based on innovation, openness and the courage this project with Sparkasse Banka Makedonija is going a step further. Starting from the point that every company culture is shaped through your daily work rituals, we created a new way of presentation of the work rules of the company as the main pillar for employee behavior during the work life.

The overall company work rules board is presented by comical illustrations that reflect the opposite situation, of how the employees should behave at work. We created illustrated characters and situations as a symbol of how the employees should not behave. Catchy right? Our goal was to create fun, positive and brilliant characters as a visual impression of the harmonious life in the company in a way that every employee in an easy, artistic and natural manner grasp its points and practical uses.

As we always say- when creativity meets change, great ideas are ready to take off!

SPARKASSE Banka Makedonija