Malmö, Sweden

“Sustainable Mind” is a combination of two dimensions, ecology, and cognition. The mission of this brand is to learn to respect the laws behind organic growth that will allow us to understand how our body adapts and how our brain is developing. This idea speaks that we should deconstruct to let a new, sustainable diversity of expression to grow.

The introduction figure of this brand identity is the strong contemporary visual stamp that reflects both sides of Sustainable Mind. This symbol includes three key visual elements carried within the lines.

The brand is driven by a sustainable way of thinking and growing, and the leaf is the first element that expresses this system. The second element is the mind represented with two halves that have inverted symmetry and merging with the leaf. The final component that links the two elements is the bridge. This representation helps to join both sides of this brand and has a crucial role in representing the transition from consciousness into a sustainable mind.

Designing the creative face of this brand created a brand identity adaptable to different layouts and stationeries that keep the consistent pattern of a contemporary brand look.

Conceptual Tools

Graphic Design